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StableBit Troubleshooter

Click the title for details about the StableBit Troubleshooter and what exactly it collects.

StableBit DrivePool

1.X - For the Windows Home Server 2011 (and similar)

2.X - For all Windows Operating Systems, Windows Vista and newer

Balancing Plug-ins

StableBit Scanner

1.X - For the Windows Home Server (original)

2.X - For Windows Vista and newer or Windows Home Server 2011 and similar

WSSX Installer
EXE / MSI Installer

StableBit CloudDrive

Windows Home Server 2011 - Tools

  • WhsDbDataDump 2.0 - A standalone tool to extract disk images from the Windows Home Server 2011 Client Computer Backups database. Disk images are saved as VHDs and can be mounted in Windows as a virtual drive.

Other Tools

  • System Call Benchmark - A command line tool to benchmark the impact of the Meltdown vulnerability fix on Intel based Windows machines.