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StableBit Troubleshooter

  • Download the latest version - This tool is used to collect diagnostics data for technical support.
    • This tool requires the .NET Framework 4.5.1+.

See details about the StableBit Troubleshooter and what it collects.

StableBit App Downloads

To get the latest StableBit apps, visit:

Development BETA Versions

Development BETAs (or dev-BETAs) are bleeding edge versions of our products which are not tested for functionality or reliability.

The StableBit Cloud now supports automatic updates for development BETAs and is the preferred way of participating in the development process. Simply switch your apps to use the development BETA channel in the automatic update settings dialog (in Options or Settings -> Updates... -> Automatic update settings -> Advanced settings).

If you are not connected to the StableBit Cloud, below you will find offline installers for specific StableBit app versions.

StableBit Scanner

StableBit DrivePool

StableBit CloudDrive

Archived Downloads