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If you're experiencing an issue with StableBit CloudDrive, technical support may ask you to submit your log files and error reports for analysis. Follow the steps below to find and submit the requested data.

  • Note: This will attempt to record all web traffic, including authentication information. You may be able to edit that data from the logs though.


  1. Download and install the "FiddlerCap Web Recorder" program, from Telerik. Link
  2. Run FiddlerCap on the system with StableBit CloudDrive.
    The installer will load the program as soon as the setup finishes.
  3. Check the "Decrypt HTTPS Traffic" option.
    • Note: This is required, as more providers use HTTPS/SSL to encrypt the traffic to and from their sites. If you do not perform this action, we will not be able to see the traffic that we need to, which may make troubleshooting any issues impossible.
    • Note: This will prompt to install a Certificate Authority certificate in the system. This is so the software can decrypt the traffic, and then re-encrypt it, so it doesn't break access for your programs.
  4. Click the "Start Capture" button.
  5. Reproduce the action that was causing issues, or wait for it to occur again.
  6. Click "Stop Capture" once the issue has occurred
    • Note: Please stop the logging as soon as possible. These logs are incredibly detailed and can get very large. The smaller you're able to keep the log, the easier it is to read. Providing a specific time that the issue occurred also helps.
  7. Click "Save Capture" button, and save the file to your Desktop or Documents folder.
  8. Submit the resulting "FiddlerCap_######-##-##.sav" file to Technical Support for analysis.
    Submit Files
  9. Close the program.
    • Note: This will prompt to delete the CA Certificate that was installed earlier. In almost all cases, you should delete this certificate.