StableBit DrivePool Knowledge base

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How To's

  • Q7200705 - Log into the server using remote desktop.
  • Q5463715 - Migrate from WHS v1 to WHS 2011 (or Windows Server Essentials) with DrivePool without copying any files.
  • Q4142489 - Migrate data from existing disks to DrivePool without copying (SEEDING).
  • F1655 - Merge multiple pools into a single Pool.
  • Q6811286 - How do I change the drive letter of one or more drive?
  • Q4822624 - How do I mount disks to a folder path?
  • Q777565 - Manually format drives before adding to DrivePool.
  • Q5510455 - Manually reset NTFS Permissions on the pool (or any drive).


  • Q7200705B - Re-index all the shared files on the server.
  • Q2299585 - Reset DrivePool 1.x settings.
  • Q2299585B - Reset DrivePool 2.x settings.
  • Q8964978 - Manually removing DrivePool (clean re-install).
  • Q3017479 - Completely uninstall DrivePool v2.x (Clean re-install).
  • Q6859069 - Downgrade a DrivePool build to a previous one.
  • Q2150495 - Reset Performance Counters when you get the "Cannot load some data from Remote Computer
  • Q2159701 - Get a list of file system filters.
  • Q1852061 - How to collect logs from a failed WSSX installer.
  • Q7420208 - Files not showing up over the network
  • Q2586133 - Fix odd installer issues (for reference for Support ONLY)
  • Q542215 - Fix file rename issues over the network

Under the Hood

  • Q5463715B - How do I defragment the DrivePool pool?
  • Q576063 - How to match up a drive between DrivePool and Scanner.
  • Q8320439 - Ensure that all shared folders are indexed.
  • Q7965944 - Some files have disappeared from the pool and I don't know why, how can I find out?
  • Q1411548 - How can I gain direct access to my pooled files that are stored on a drive that is part of the pool?
  • Q6811286B - I can see my files and folders on the pool drive, but they are not showing up in the Dashboard or on the network.
  • Q521955 - What is Fast I/O and why don't I see any occurring in the performance pane?
  • F720 - Why don't images show up when I move the Plex database to the pool?
  • P0000000 - Code 52 error when installing drivers


  • Q5261891 - How to control DrivePool alerts using the command line.
  • Q3376030 - Manually clear a StableBit DrivePool notification.
  • Q537229 - Diagnose Windows system crashes (blue screens) by running a memory test.
  • Q6246716 - Update your GlobalSign root CA.
  • P0000001 - Enable Test Signing in Windows.