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Windows Server Solutions Troubleshooter


Download: Wss.Troubleshoot_1.0.0.84.exe

SHA1: 8008a6b8ce7f636cfaf675f3f3d824bc816de2e6

This is a wizard that automates fixes to the WSS system.

The wizard supports the following tasks:

Media Streaming Repair

Use this when you are having trouble seeing audio / video that is set to stream from the server. You should also run this when you see duplicate media files.

In order to run this fix, the troubleshooter must be placed in C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin on the server.

Restore DrivePool Shares

Use this after re-installing the operating system, and you have an existing pool connected to the system. Folders on the pool will be automatically re-shared.

This fix can run from any folder on the server. Before running this fix, make sure that DrivePool is installed.

DrivePool Command Utility


SHA1: 28b9b32ed7898f51dd02d9c42c079e44e9801024

Lets you work with the pool using a command line.


  • SetDuplicationCount - Sets the duplication count on any folder. Can be used on non-shared folders and also with duplication counts that are greater than 2.