StableBit Scanner Freeze

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In order to submit a memory dump of the StableBit Scanner service in a frozen state, follow the steps below.


  • Log into the server using remote desktop (Q7200705)
  • Open the Task Manager (32-bit).
    • [Windows Key] + R.
    • Type C:\Windows\SysWOW64\taskmgr.exe
    • Press OK.
  • Switch to the Processes tab and locate Scanner.Service.exe.
  • Right click on it and click Create Dump File.
    Stablebit scanner service dump.png
  • This will create a dump file at the shown path. Use the form below to upload the dump file to us for analysis.

Submit a crash dump

If this is for an active Ticket, please put the ticket number or URL in the comments section.

Submit Files

Dumps are only used to fix bugs in StableBit Scanner and for no other purpose.

The dump files are extremely large and may take a while to upload. Do not stop until you see a message indicating success.

Open a support contact thread (optional)

We get notified of dump submissions automatically. If you'd like, you can open a contact thread at