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You should prepare your server to collect a manually initiated memory dump and send them to StableBit for examination.

Enabling a Manual System Crash

First, we will configure your server to generate a kernel memory dump when you press a special key combination on the keyboard. The memory dump records the entire system state at the time of the freeze and can be analyzed to determine the cause.

What You Will Need

  • Physical access to the server.
  • A USB or PS/2 keyboard connected to the server.
  • The ability to reproduce the system freeze.

Configuring the Server

  • Place these files on a server share:
  • Log in as Administrator with Remote Desktop to your server (Q7200705).
  • Double click on the bugcheck_on.reg file to enable manual system crashes on the server.
  • Connect a PS/2 or a USB keyboard to the server if it doesn't have one connected already.
  • Reboot the server.

Initiating the Memory Dump

  • Reproduce the system freeze and hold down the rightmost CTRL key, and press the SCROLL LOCK key twice on the keyboard connected to the server when you're sure that the system has locked up.
    This will write out a C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP file.
  • Reboot the server and upload the C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP file using the form below with a description of the freeze.

For more information on manual system crashes see: MSDN

After you're done, you can disable the manual system crash key combination by double clicking on bugcheck_off.reg, and rebooting.

Submit a crash dump

Locate the MEMORY.DMP file in your C:\Windows folder on the server and upload it using the widget below.

Dumps are only used to fix bugs in our products and for no other purpose.

The dump files are extremely large and may take a while to upload. You may want to ZIP the file up before sending it. Do not stop until you see a message indicating success.

Open a support contact thread (optional)

We get notified of dump submissions automatically. If you'd like, you can open a contact thread at This is optional, because we don't need a ticket to check the dumps. However, to give you feedback, this is the best way to do so.