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This page lists features that are either planned for future implementation or are currently in development. Planned features are subject to change.

You can contact us at any time to report issues or request new features to be implemented.

Development Workflow

Our workflow for implementing feature requests and fixing bugs works like this:

  • You can contact us with any issues or feature requests using our contact us page.
  • One of our support personnel will reply to the contact request.
  • If the problem requires additional work, an Issue request is sent to another department (such as Software Development or Sales).
  • Issues can then turn into Code Change requests, if the department head deems that it's necessary.
  • Meanwhile, while this is all happening, you get feedback on the status of your Issue or Code Change on your contact request page.
  • You can also see the status of all the pending Code Changes below.

Code Changes

Future Products

In addition to the regular Code Changes above, here are the things that we're working on in the long term:

StableBit CloudDrive

Status: (committed to complete)

This product has been officially released as a public BETA. Please take a look at it! A final release is expected to be made available in 2016.

StableBit Cloud

Status: (planning)

The StableBit Cloud is going to be a new online service part of the StableBit brand.

It's going to have these goals:

  • One secure place online where you can go to see the status of your StableBit products.
  • Extensive centralized notifications that can be configured in one place.
  • Simple and responsive styling that can adapt to different sized mobile screens.

The StableBit Cloud is going to tie together the StableBit Server, StableBit Scanner, StableBit DrivePool and StableBit CloudDrive.

The StableBit Cloud will also supersede BitFlock, which will be retired when the StableBit Cloud becomes available.

StableBit Server

Status: (experimenting with hardware / software)

This is more of an experiment right now, but we're working on releasing a physical server that will run our software.

Some things that we're looking at are:

  • The latest Server Essentials OS from Microsoft.
  • Tight integration with our software, including the StableBit Cloud.
  • Solid server-grade hardware in a compact package.
  • Great cooling performance while keeping the noise level down.
  • Great reliability coupled with our amazing technical support.

Controlling the hardware that our software runs on will make it possible for us to ensure a more consistent and reliable user experience.

We have a prototype in the lab, but it's still a work in progress.

StableBit FileVault

Status: (concept)

StableBit FileVault is planned to deal with data integrity and file protection, and will fit well into our existing line of StableBit products.

This software has no release timeframe at this point.

StableBit PowerGrid

Status: (concept)

StableBit PowerGrid is going to be an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) management software that will tie into the StableBit Cloud giving your insight into the power situation at any of your sites running our software.

This software product has no release timeframe at this point.