Development Status

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This page contains information about products and services that are currently in development. Because of the fluid nature of software development and the information technology market, any planned products or features are subject to change.

You can contact us at any time to request new features for consideration.

The Future

In addition to regular bug fixes and enhancements to our existing products and services, here are the things that we're working on in the long term:

StableBit Cloud

The StableBit Cloud is a new service that is part of the StableBit brand.


  • Live connection - A live bidirectional connection to the StableBit Cloud servers enables enhanced real-time communication capabilities and features such as App Remote Control.
  • Health and activity - Monitor application health and activity from a centralized dashboard in the cloud.
  • Statistics and metrics - Browse through historical statistics and summaries, or monitor incoming metrics from your apps in real-time.
  • Application settings synchronization - Backs up your settings and persistent application state to the cloud and synchronizes it with other applications connected to the same StableBit Cloud account.
  • Enhanced update delivery - Enhanced update delivery supports multiple release channels and leverages the StableBit Cloud to deliver updates to you in real-time as soon as they're released.
  • License management - No need to activate individual licenses anymore. Centralized license management simplifies licensing and lets you manage all of your licenses in one place.

StableBit Cloud has an evolving feature set and more features will be added in the future.