StableBit DrivePool Utilities

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Windows Server Solutions Troubleshooter


Download: Wss.Troubleshoot_1.0.0.169.exe

SHA1: 0252712082666a28a6cc5ce62c343a871a0703e8

This is a wizard that automates fixes to the WSS system.

This is for StableBit DrivePool 1.X only.

The wizard supports the following tasks:

Media Streaming Repair

Use this when you are having trouble seeing audio / video that is set to stream from the server. You should also run this when you see duplicate media files.

In order to run this fix, the troubleshooter must be placed in C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin on the server.

Restore DrivePool Shares

Use this after re-installing the operating system, and you have an existing pool connected to the system. Folders on the pool will be automatically re-shared.

This fix can run from any folder on the server. Before running this fix, make sure that DrivePool is installed.

Remove StableBit Scanner 2.0 Dependencies

If the StableBit Scanner 2.0 remove process fails when DrivePool is installed, it can leave some changes on your server that will prevent the Dashboard from starting.

Use this if you've removed the Scanner and your Dashboard will not load.

Create Reports for Removed Drives

Generates a report text files for drives that were removed from the DrivePool pool.

Use this to troubleshoot and verify drive removal. Typically you would run this when asked to by technical support.

Reset NTFS Permissions on the Pool

Resets all NTFS permissions on the DrivePool pool. This will also empty the recycle bin on the pool if there is one.

Use this if DrivePool shows 'Access Denied' errors when maintaining the pool.

After the fix, open the Dashboard to 'Server Folders' and set permissions for each folder on the pool. You can do this by selecting a folder and clicking 'View the folder properties'.

  • Note: This sets the pool into a "clean" state, that mimics the permissions of a clean, new disk.
  • Note: After doing this, to ensure proper user access, please use the Dashboard to change the permissions on the shared folders.

DrivePool Command Utility


SHA1: 1dd5473581b425e34fb6eb43a0bda86510dbdf80

Lets you work with the pool using a command line.

This is for StableBit DrivePool 1.X only. A more up to date version is included automatically with StableBit DrivePool 2.X.


  • SetDuplicationCount - Sets the duplication count on any folder. Can be used on non-shared folders and also with duplication counts that are greater than 2.
  • AddToPool - Adds a new disk to the pool.
  • ListPoolParts - Lists all the disk that are part of the pool.
  • RemovePoolPart - Removes a disk from the pool.