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== Troubleshooting and reporting bugs ==
* [[StableBit Scanner Logs]] - How to find and submit logs and error reports to technical support for analysis.
* [[StableBit DrivePool Dashboard Freeze|StableBit Scanner Dashboard Freeze]]  
* [[StableBit Scanner Freeze|StableBit Scanner Service Freeze]] - Capture process memory dump
Send us a message: [http://stablebit.com/contact http://stablebit.com/contact]
* [[StableBit Scanner System Freeze]] - Capture system memory dump
StableBit Scanner come with a large set of diagnostic tools built in, in order to make troubleshooting and resolving problems easier. If you encounter a problem using Scanner, depending on the nature of the problem you may want to employ a particular troubleshooting method.
We encourage everyone to participate in the BETA and report issues that they encounter by following the instructions outlined below.
Here are the various ways to troubleshoot StableBit Scanner and report problems:
=== Error Reports / Event logs ===
[[File:problem_small.png]] If Scanner refuses to start or the Dashboard does not list any drives and folders, follow these instructions on how to collect error reports and submit them to StableBit support for assistance.
===== When to use =====
''You're sure that StableBit Scanner is not running, now you want to submit an error report.''
* [[StableBit Scanner for WSS Error Reports]]
* [[StableBit Scanner for Windows Error Reports]]
* [[StableBit Scanner Logs]]
Error reports are written when Scanner encounters exceptional conditions that prevent it from functioning properly. If such a condition occurs then Scanner writes out an error report file and issues a windows event log entry.
=== System Crash ===
[[File:problem_small.png]] If your system has a blue screen and it's possible that Scanner is the cause, then please submit a memory dump file for examination.
=== Dashboard Freeze ===
[[File:problem_small.png]] If your Dashboard freezes while using StableBit Scanner.
===== When to use =====
''The Dashboard freezes while you're interacting with StableBit Scanner.''
* [[StableBit DrivePool Dashboard Freeze|StableBit Scanner Dashboard Freeze]]
You can log into your server with Remote Desktop and take a memory dump of the Dashboard process and then upload it for analysis.
* [[StableBit Scanner Freeze|StableBit Scanner Service Freeze]]
=== System Freeze ===
[[File:problem_small.png]] If your system locks up and nothing seems to be responding.
===== When to use =====
''StableBit Scanner is installed and you experience a system lockup and you suspect Scanner to be the cause, or when you cannot connect to the Scanner service at all, even after resetting the settings for Scanner.''
* [[StableBit Scanner System Freeze]]
Windows can be configured to collect a full kernel memory dump in case of a system freeze. These dumps should be sent to StableBit support for analysis. We look at every single dump sent.
== Advanced Troubleshooting Steps / Tweaks ==
* [[StableBit Scanner Advanced Settings]] - Tweak the advanced settings of Scanner to resolve errors and change its behavior.

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