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Use your own Google Drive API keys with StableBit CloudDrive.

When to Use

Using your own API keys from Google may offer performance benefits because they will give you your own quota limits. Application-wide quota limits will no longer apply to you.


  • Open:
  • If Google Drive is not listed as an available API:
    • Click Enable APIs and Services.
      GoogleDrive EnableApisAndServices.png
    • Select Google Drive API.
      GoogleDrive EnableGoogleDriveApi.png
    • Click Enable.
      GoogleDrive GoogleDriveApiEnable.png
    • Wait until the API is enabled.
  • If the API is already enabled, simply select it by clicking on Google Drive API.
    GoogleDrive GoogleDriveApi.png
  • Navigate to Credentials.
    GoogleDrive Credentials.png
  • Under the OAuth consent screen for the Product name shown to users enter StableBit CloudDrive and click Save.
    GoogleDrive ProductName.png
  • Under Credentials click Create credentials and select OAuth client ID.
    GoogleDrive OAuthClientId.png
  • Select Other and click Create.
    GoogleDrive CreateClientIdOther.png
  • Note the client ID and client secret given to you, we will use it shortly.
    GoogleDrive ClinetIdSecret.png
  • Open %PROGRAMDATA%\StableBit CloudDrive\ProviderSettings.json in Notepad.
  • Make the following edits under GoogleDrive:
    GoogleDrive ProviderSettings.png
  • Replace TheClientIdProvidedByGoogle and TheClientSecretProvidedByGoogle with the client ID and secrets that were provided to you by Google.
  • Do not change the RedirectUri, leave that as null.
  • Save the file.

You're done. The next connection that you make to Google Drive from StableBit CloudDrive's New Drive tab will use your new API keys.