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If you want to find the exact drive in DrivePool that you're seeing in the StableBit Scanner, follow these steps.

When to Use

If you the StableBit Scanner is reporting a problem with one of your drives and you would like to identify it and remove it from the pool.


  1. Open the Dashboard.
  2. In the StableBit Scanner tab, right click in the column names and check Number.
  3. Switch to the Server Folders and Hard Drives tab and choose the Pool sub-tab (or switch to the Pool sub-tab under StableBit DrivePool if you're using the separate UI).
  4. Right click in the column header and check Physical Drive.

Match up the numbers to locate a particular drive.

Note that in DrivePool, there can be more than one "drive" in the list with the same number, because DrivePool is really showing you volumes (or partitions) on the drives.