StableBit Scanner System Crashes

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You should prepare your server to collect memory dumps and send them to StableBit for examination.

Prepare to collect system crash data

It is important to configure your server to collect kernel memory dumps. These are extremely valuable in fixing any bugs that come up as a result of system crashes.

Configure the server

  1. Log in as Administrator with Remote Desktop to your server.
  2. Key in [Start/Windows] + [Break] on the keyboad to bring up system properties.
  3. Click Advanced System Settings on the left.
    Windows advancedsystemsettings.png
  4. Click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
    Windows startuprecovery settings.png
  5. Set up the System failure section like this:
    Stablebit drivepool memorydump prepare.jpg

Submit a crash dump

If you experience a system crash while using the StableBit Scanner, please submit a crash dump.

Locate the MEMORY.DMP file in your C:\Windows folder on the server and upload it using the widget below.

Click here to submit files for StableBit Scanner with Dropbox (you don't need an account with Dropbox)

Dumps are only used to fix bugs in StableBit Scanner and for no other purpose.

The dump files are extremely large and may take a while to upload. Do not stop until you see a message indicating success.

Compressing the memory dumps may greatly reduce the file size.

Open a support contact thread (optional)

We get notified of dump submissions automatically. If you'd like, you can open a contact thread at