WhsDbDataDump 2.0

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This tool is designed to extract complete mountable disk images (VHD) from the Windows Home Server 2011 Client Computer Backups database of backups. It is self contained and has no external dependencies on the Windows Home Server 2011. It features a standalone backup database parser and a GPT / VHD disk writer.

The only requirement to run this tool is .NET 4.5.1.

You can use this tool for data recovery or backup extraction / migration.

This tool is free for personal and business use.


Download: WhsDbDataDump-2_0_0_9.zip (SHA1: a8f215ecf718978722cb7418c9c6e8e5cca94d4a)

  • Extract the single EXE from the ZIP file.
  • Place the EXE in the same folder as the Client Computer Backups database.
  • Run the EXE on the command line like this:
    WhsDbDataDump /vhddump
  • You will be presented with a menu of available backups. Select the backup image that you would like to extract.
  • A standard VHD file will be written of that backed up drive. You can mount the VHD in Windows Vista or newer using Disk Management.

You can run WhsDbDataDump on a command line without any options to get help on all the command line options.


Read Only

  • This tool does not write to the backup database.


  • This tool will always write GPT based VHDs. These disks don't have a bootable MBR and you will not be able to boot from these images.