StableBit DrivePool F3540

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Sometimes, when removing the drive letters, Windows will stop mounting the drives, and cause "missing disk issues" in StableBit DrivePool.

When to Use

When the disks stop showing up, after removing the drive letters.


  1. Follow: Q7200705
  2. Launch an elevated command prompt
    • Note: hit the Windows button, type "cmd", and it should show "Windows Command Processor", right click on this and select "Run as Administrator"
    • Note: On Windows 8 and up, you can hit "Win+X", and then "A" to get to this quickly (though it may be a powershell window, depending on the Operating System version and config)
  3. Run "diskpart"
  4. Run "automount enable" to re-enable proper mounting of disk.
  5. Reboot the system to make sure the changes have taken.