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Migrate your WHS v1 data over to WHS 2011 with DrivePool.

When to Use

If you have a lot of data in WHS v1 and you don't want to spend the time copying it over to a new server. You can use this procedure to move the files directly onto the pool.

This is an advanced procedure. Only proceed if you fully understand every step below.

Please have backups of all your data.

If you are not sure about this and still wish to do this, then please contact Support for help


  1. Disconnect all the WHS v1 drives from the old machine.
  2. Connect them to the new WHS 2011 machine.
  3. Boot WHS 2011 and log in as Administrator using remote desktop (Follow: Q7200705).
  4. Now, add all the drives from the WHSv1 pool to a StableBit DrivePool pool
    • This will not format the disks, nor will it delete or otherwise alter the existing contents of the disks in any way.
    • This will create a hidden "PoolPart.xxxx" folder on each disk.
  5. Next, create all the necessary directories on the pool using the Dashboard and set their duplication level.
    You'd want to mimic the old WHS v1 shared folders.
    Such as "X:\ServerFolders\Documents", "X:\ServerFolders\Music", "X:\ServerFolders\Pictures", "X:\ServerFolders\Software", and "X:\ServerFolders\Videos",
    • Where "X:\" is the letter of the DrivePool disk.
  6. Stop the StableBit DrivePool system service.
    To do so, run "services.msc", and find the "StableBit DrivePool Service". You can right click on it and stop it that way, or select it and click the "Stop" link in the left-hand sidebar.
    • Note: This is necessary, as we will be moving around files. But if you have real time duplication or immediate balancing enabled, this will start moving files around and duplicating as well. That is not what we want. We want to move everything first, and then let DrivePool do it's thing.
  7. Expose hidden folders in your file manager of choice (Windows Explorer, or Total Commander, etc...).
  8. On each of the WHSv1 drives, there will be a hidden "DE" folder. Before doing anything else, reset the permissions on these "DE" folders.
    • In Security-> Advanced, open the "Owner" tab and set the owner of the "shares" folder to "Administrators" and check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" option, and hit OK.
    • In Security->Advanced, Add full privileges to "Administrators", and again, "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object", and OK
    • Note: This is a necesary step, as it ensures the entire contents of the old pool is accessible, so that it can be moved to the new location, and so that neither StableBit DrivePool nor Windows Home Server 2011 has any issues accessing the files.
  9. Now go to each of the old WHSv1 drives, and move each of the folders located in "\DE\Shares\" to "\PoolPart.xxxx\ServerFolders", on the same disk.
    • For example, find the "G:\DE\shares\Videos" folder, and move the "Videos" folder to "G:\PoolPart.xxxx\ServerFolders".
      After doing this, you should have a "G:\PoolPart.xxxx\ServerFolders\Videos" folder. And you may notice that it immediately shows up in the pool.
    • Do this for all of the folders in the "\DE\Shares" folder, and then do this for each disk of the old WHSv1 Drive Extender Pool.
    • Once you've done this, you should see all of your content in the "X:\ServerFolders\" directory.
  10. Reset StableBit DrivePools' settings store by doing this:
  11. Start the StableBit DrivePool service.
    • This will verify the duplication integrity of the pool and re-measure all the files.
  12. Open the Dashboard and apply new folder permissions for each of the shared folders.

You're done.